• Ecology

    5G technical cooperation of Thar Terminal Laboratory, China Academy of Information and Communication

    20+overseas partners

    Tencent product tool collaboration

  • Industry

    1000000+developer users

    1000+industry customers

  • Ability

    Billion+DAU product services

    70+test R&D patents

    Development of multiple industry standards

    Global adaptability

  • Solution

    Finance Solution

    PC Game Solution

    Mobile Game Solution

    App Test Solution

  • Saas Service

    Real DeviceAutomationServer Performance TestingPerfdogPerfsightCrashsightClient Performance Testing(Mobile)Client Performance Testing(PC)APP Compatibility TestingMobile Game Compatibility TestingPC Game Compatibility TestingAPP Functional TestingPC Game Functional TestingMobile Game Functional TestingLocalization Quality AssuranceCrowd TestingLocal Network Experience Testing
  • Platform

    Clean UpDocker ImagePre-installedIssue TrackUninstallPermissionStorageEnvironmentRedisMySQLLog ServiceTask SchedulingDevice SchedulingCase ExecutionVideo Stream
  • Hardware

    Real Devices (iOS/Android)Cloud ServiceNetworkMobile Data CenterIntelligent HardwareCabinet