Customer Cases

  • WeTest

    Accurate Recruitment of Overseas Users

    We recruit local users through multiple channels, push test information, filter users according to different demands, and cover almost all types, age groups, game skill levels to meet the requirements of all types of products.The maximum recruitment amount per week is 10,000+.

  • WeTest

    Professional Testing Organization

    Organize users to test from subjective questionnaires, scoring systems and other dimensions, reflect users' actual feelings and ideas, equip core users to deeply explore product problems, pay attention to project confidentiality, and avoid the risk of information leakage.

  • WeTest

    Survey Design

    Customized questionnaire design for specific user groups and regions, and detailed analysis of the collected questionnaires to obtain high-quality analysis results to meet the various characteristics of the project.

  • WeTest

    Feedback Collection

    Collect data in the process of testing, game experience and optimizing suggestions, to provide effective feedback for project team.

  • WeTest

    Statistics Review and Analysis

    Support experts to review and analyze statistics from the aspects of feedback, games and localization data, and locate test problems with efficiency and accuracy .

  • WeTest

    Core User Group

    WeTest builds our own core user group to obtain high-quality user feedback. Manage all recruited users, guide users to provide more product usage feedback suggestions and collect them in a timely manner.

Are your testers matching real customers?

Are you facing problems with testers who don't match real users, lacking coverage in countries, regions, and languages? This hampers project testing, severely impeding progress.

Let WeTest solve your problem! With over 100,000 users from various countries and regions, we offer comprehensive crowd testing and user recruitment services, effortlessly matching testers with your real customers.


Do testers lack knowledge of your target market ?

Testers' unfamiliarity with gaming habits and online behaviors worldwide leads to a lack of genuine user insights, delayed feedback on product issues, and hampers product updates and releases.

We recruit testers based on your requirements, considering user characteristics, locations, age, online time, gaming skills, etc. Our global team is available 24/7, facilitating smooth product updates and releases.


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Scope of Services

In addition to these genres, we also provide services for other game genres.
  • WeTest

    Customized Solutions

    Provide customized solutions based on needs, covering competitor comparisons, version updates, game art quality, etc., further expanding the scope of testing and effectively solving product-specific problems.

  • WeTest

    Full Coverage of User Groups

    Covering 10,000+ users in multiple countries and regions, and all angles of crowd testing and recruitment services, we support multiple languages, in order to more target users can join into testing.

  • WeTest

    Cloud Gaming Testing

    Explore emerging markets by improving relative efficiency with cloud gaming capabilities, expanding platform traffic with game demo trial, increasing user conversion rates in small packages and additional support for low-end devices.

  • WeTest

    Experienced and Efficient

    We have supported game testing services for more than 100 high-quality games, with our comprehensive management system and rich experience in game review. We also provide efficient solutions, one-stop assistance and decision-making from the process of user recruitment to review.

Getting Started

Step 1: Appointment
Contact Sales

Demand docking,determine the intention of testing and sign a cooperation contract.

Target Confirmation

The project team sets the requirements and goals for testing.

Step 2:Execution
Target Users Recruitment

According to the project requirements, recruit target users who meet the needs.

Prepare Test Schemes and Environments

Customize test plans, prepare test environments, collect test accounts, set up whitelists, etc.

Step 3: Accomplishment
Gather Test Feedback

Receive a test questionnaire, receive test reports.

Data Analysis & Results

Analyze test data, organize results and output professional reports.

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