Customer cases


Unlocking application potential and overcoming compatibility challenges.


Customized Use Cases

Experts customize test cases according to application characteristics to cover mainstream scenarios.


1000+ Real Devices

Supports the mainstream models on the market, newly listed models, updates the device library every month, and accurately covers customers‘ mobile phones.


Covering Various App Compatibility Problems

Expert team performs compatibility tests to find various compatibility problems.


Faster Delivery

Our expert teams deliver the report in just a few days.

Help you find app compatibility issues

Due to the wide variety of devices on the global market, compatibility testing is an essential process. This test can identify the compatibility problems of products in advance, improve product quality, and ensure user satisfaction. Your company may face some testing difficulties, such as a limited number of testers or limited industry testing experience, and needs to cover more complete testing scenarios.

WeTest experts have accumulated many years of testing experience in application compatibility testing, aiming to find compatibility problems in applications in advance by formulating targeted test plans.


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Product advantages


Extensive Device Coverage

WeTest has a wide range of devices, covering popular smartphone brands and models for comprehensive device compatibility testing, ensuring your game runs smoothly on all devices.


Multi-Platform Support

WeTest supports Android and iOS platforms, allowing you to perform consistency testing across different operating systems, ensuring compatibility in diverse environments.


Comprehensive Testing Services

Provides device performance, OS version compatibility, and resolution adaptation testing, identifying and resolving issues related to devices and operating systems for enhanced stability and compatibility.


Experienced Testing Team

With skilled experts and professionals, WeTest offers tailored testing plans, precise reports, and recommendations to optimize your game's compatibility and stability.

Getting started

Contact Customer Service and Explain What You Need
Business communication

Based on your needs, we will confirm your intention to use the testing service and sign a testing agreement.

Pre-sale communication

We will formulate a customer service solution for your company.

Submit Test Materials
Need analysis and case design

WeTest can analyze your actual business and product architecture to design in-depth test cases.

You can submit your own test cases

You can use the console to submit test requirements and materials

Testing and Report Delivery
Running test cases

We will precisely analyze compatibility issues in depth.

Writing report

We will produce a detailed test report based on the test results.

Report acceptance

We will notify you to check up the report online or offline, which completes the service.

Satisfaction evaluation

Your satisfaction is our guidance to everything we do.

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