• What is Penetration Testing?

    Penetration testing is a proactive security assessment technique used to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in computer systems, networks or applications. It simulates real-world attacks in a client-authorized state to assess the effectiveness of security controls and identify potential security risks. The purpose of penetration testing is to provide organizations with valuable insights into their security posture and to help them reduce vulnerabilities before they are exploited by malicious actors.


Services provided by WeTest

  • 1. Web Penetration Testing

    Assessing the security of systems and networks by conducting black-box and white-box testing, including identifying target systems, detecting the vulnerabilities, and assessing the risk of them.

  • 2. Mobile Application Penetration Testing

    It detects vulnerabilities that may exist in various stages of mobile applications (Android and iOS), including application protocols, component security, open ports, IPC, file read/write security, and data encryption security.

  • 3. SDK Penetration Testing

    It conducts testing on various aspects of SDKs, including resource protection, storage security, transmission security, obfuscation configuration, and other penetration testing items related to SDK files.

  • Powerful Detection Capabilities

    WeTest's penetration testing includes 8 major categories, 79 subcategories, and over 10,000 security checks. We leverage industry experts and share mainstream security vulnerability intelligence databases to quickly detect and scan for new vulnerabilities.

  • Diverse Penetration Testing Methods

    WeTest utilizes a variety of vulnerability detection methods, including black-box, white-box, and grey-box testing. We employ over a hundred penetration testing and vulnerability analysis tools, and rotate personnel to simulate attacks from a real hacker's perspective. This approach maximizes the exposure of attack surfaces and helps identify security risks.

  • Support for Cross-platform and Cross-application Penetration Testing

    Penetration testing supports a variety of product types, including mobile apps, H5 applications, mini-programs, web applications, and PC applications. Users can independently choose testing service projects based on their needs.

  • Detailed Penetration Testing Analysis Report

    We provide detailed analysis reports based on a robust vulnerability knowledge base. Our team, in collaboration with industry experts, provides security analysis, risk assessment, and recommendations for problem resolution.

  • Customized Penetration Testing Services

    Based on the client's business requirements, we offer customized penetration testing services, allowing for tailored scopes and methods. Our approach ensures non-intrusive penetration testing from a business perspective.

  • We Strictly Adhere to Industry Standards

    Our penetration testing activities strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations, security service penetration testing standards, ethical hacking rules. We sign confidentiality agreements to protect trade secrets and data security.

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  • Continuous Updating of the Vulnerability Database

    Easily access Android cloud devices directly.WeTest security team continuously updates and improves the vulnerability database based on the accumulation of big data in business operations.

  • Strict Service Standard System

    WeTest has served over 10,000 internet application penetration tests, and the vulnerability definition and classification comply with WeTest's application security testing standard system.

  • Rich and Comprehensive Detection Items

    A comprehensive range of detection items that provide in-depth insights into applications and timely resolution of existing vulnerabilities.

  • Expert Team Services

    Our team of senior security experts provides manual penetration testing services, leveraging their extensive experience in penetration testing to deliver professional testing services to you.

Why is penetration testing necessary?

  • Before system launching
    Security inspection before application deployment
    Before the application is deployed, it is not possible to ensure the security of the application through self-assessment alone. After deployment, the application may be vulnerable to the penetration by malicious actors, leading to risks such as data breaches, application tampering, and other information security risks, severely impacting user safety and company asset security.
    The services we provide
    Under authorization, we conduct non-destructive testing on applications, including data security checks, sensitive information leakage detection, authentication testing, session management, and other major aspects. We help enterprises proactively identify and mitigate vulnerability risks in their applications.

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Getting Started

Step 1: Appointment
Fill Out the Form

Enterprises fill out penetration testing requirements

Client Authorization

Client submits penetration testing authorization letter

Step 2: Submission
Submit Documents/Materials

Generally includes system accounts, stable testing environment, business processes, etc.

Step 3: Execution
Risk Analysis

Familiarize yourself with the application, conduct risk analysis, and design testing risk points.

Test Execution

Security testing experts are divided into groups to conduct security penetration testing and submit vulnerabilities.

Step 4: Complete
Vulnerability Remediation

The enterprise conducts remediation based on the test report.

Regression Testing

Follow up on regression testing to verify the status of vulnerability fixes.

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