• Console Performance Testing

    WeTest console performance testing service provide expert services to help game developers conduct basic to in-depth performance testing on different console devices. Collect performance data such as FPS, CPU, GPU, Memory, and more.

  • Global Basic Performance Analysis

    Collect basic performance data such as FPS, CPU, GPU, memory, etc. in global game scenarios to quickly and accurately identify lagging and frame-dropping problems.

  • In-depth Performance Analysis

    Extract in-depth and detailed performance data for problem scenarios, such as CPU threads, rendering pipelines, etc., to analyze the cause of the problem in depth.

  • Supports Automated Data Collection

    The automated data collection plug-in collects in-depth performance data to cope with complex game scenarios and improve testing depth and testing efficiency.

Stuttering while the game is running?

When a game is running, delays in operation that prevent real-time feedback can result in a poor user experience.

The WeTest performance testing service tests whether the game can fully utilize thehardware resources by testing indicators like the frame rate and memory usage of the game on different hardware configurations. WeTest also focuses on core game scenarios to help teams better optimize game performance.


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  • Officially Licensed Dev Kit

    WeTest has officially authorized dev kits of PS, Xbox, and Switch , and can obtain latest devices as quickly as possible.

  • Professional Expert Team

    Experts with 10+ years of testing experience have rich testing experience in the game industry.

  • Detailed Test Report

    The test report contains performance issues, action steps, performance charts, screenshots of game scenarios, and performance optimization recommendations.

  • Fast and Efficient Delivery

    The testers are experienced specialists who are able to run fast, high-quality tests.

Getting started

Requirement Confirmation
Requirement clarification list

Confirm the testing requirements.

Workload Assessment
Send test build and test cases

Workload Assessment and Quotation

We will assess the amount of time required for the job and provide you with a quote.

Quotation Confirmation
Agree at the quotation

Confirm the quotation for the testing requirement.

Testing Implementation
Test case execution

The test team executes the test cases as designed.

Report Delivery

Submit test reports to clients with performance issue summaries, detailed descriptions and tuning comments.

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