Customer cases

  • WeTest

    Professional Test Process

    The test project manager designs use cases for the application according to the requirements, covering the main function points.

  • WeTest

    Customized Use Case

    Support professional use case customization of mobile games, covering specific business processes required by users and general use cases in the industry.

  • WeTest

    Complete Execution Process

    Experts verify functional integrity, correctness and applicability one by one according to application functions and business requirements.

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    In-depth Problem Positioning

    The report contains use case analysis, device analysis, and performance analysis to help you quickly locate and solve problems.

Accelerate release of mobile game with efficient functional testing

If you are a high-quality mobile game team with your product in a rapid development phase and have fast iteration demands on features and forms, higher quality demands, and you wish to complete testing for your product in a short time with fewer resources.

Choose WeTest for your testing needs! Our expert testing services provide you with test case development and implementation for functional testing. This includes mainstream business processes and industry-standard test cases, with rapid delivery of testing reports, ensuring an enhanced product experience.


Discover more hidden bugs with high-quality functional tests

If your game is in the beta stage, you may hear more feedback. Such as: What's with the bugs again? Is there something wrong with the damage values here? And so on. These problems will give users a bad product experience and affect the brand's reputation.

Relying on the rich testing experience of WeTest's testing experts, we help the team break the fixed thinking of the internal staff and test the game functions through different dimensions, such as the user's perspective, in order to find more hidden bugs and help the brand improve the game quality.


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    Comprehensive Testing Dimensions

    Complete testing of core functional scenarios, including installation, startup, new player onboarding, core plot, uninstallation, etc.Top devices are covered in the test, with complete test scenarios.

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    Professional Report

    Clearly demonstrate results with standard deliverables such as problem screenshots and videos to help you quickly reproduce and solve issues.

  • WeTest

    Expert Team

    Golden expert team, with 10+ years of testing experience in various industries.Testing can cover all game types.

  • WeTest

    Faster Delivery

    Real-time dynamic adjustment of resource inputs according to user needs, and delivery of reports within a short period of time.

Getting started

Contact Customer Service and Explain What You Need
Business communication

Based on your needs, we will confirm your intention to use the testing service and sign a testing agreement.

Pre-sale communication

We will formulate a customer service solution for your company.

Submit Test Materials
Need analysis and case design

WeTest can analyze your actual business and product architecture to design in-depth test cases.

You can submit your own test cases

You can use the console to submit test requirements and materials

Testing and Report Delivery
Running test cases

We will precisely analyze compatibility issues in depth.

Writing report

We will produce a detailed test report based on the test results.

Report acceptance

We will notify you to check up the report online or offline, which completes the service.

Satisfaction evaluation

Your satisfaction is our guidance to everything we do.

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