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    Code Obfuscation

    By using techniques such as file packing, code encryption, and code virtualization, dex files, so files, and script code are strongly protected, increasing the difficulty for attackers to reverse engineer the code and quickly enhancing the security capabilities of the application.

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    "Source-to-Source" Obfuscation

    Through core algorithms, C/C++, OC, and Swift source code-level code obfuscation can be performed, and diverse methods such as control flow obfuscation, string encryption, and symbol obfuscation are used to comprehensively protect code, greatly improving the application's static anti-reverse ability, making reversed code incomprehensible.

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    Application Integrity Protection

    Based on fingerprint recognition, signature verification, and protection range randomization processing, integrity verification can be specified down to the function-level code. When the code's integrity is compromised, the verification point will trigger the program to crash. It is also possible to register fingerprints for all files within the application and extract the APK's original package signature certificate information, effectively preventing tampering and repackaging behavior.

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    Global Real-Time Protection

    By adding dynamic global guardian code within the source code, the global real-time guardian service is first launched when the App is running, continuously providing protection capabilities such as anti-debugging, anti-hooking, anti-dumping, and anti-tampering, increasing the difficulty of attackers' attacks, and comprehensively ensuring the safety of the App at runtime.

Application Scenarios

Preventing Malicious Code Implantation
Protecting Core Intellectual Property

After an APP application is cracked, malicious code can be implanted, resulting in the leakage of sensitive information such as user payments, and the security of user property cannot be guaranteed, leading to problems such as advertisements, malware, and abnormal payments during application use, which seriously affects user security and experience.

WeTest provides hardening solutions for application development, which are comprehensive in terms of effectiveness, stability, and hardening points, and can effectively prevent cracking. WeTest's hardening solutions not only protect the application logic in-depth, but also strictly protect the application resources.

      • Unlawful individuals obtain the important algorithm model, code library, and other core data of the application program through cracking genuine APPs to reduce research and development costs, and after secondary development, conduct illegal sales, resulting in the infringement of the intellectual property rights of the company to which the application belongs, and the economic losses of the company.

        We provide protection measures such as code encryption obfuscation, virtual instruction sets, and code integrity to increase the difficulty for attackers to conduct application vulnerability mining through reverse code analysis, prevent core code from being stolen, significantly improve the security capabilities of mobile applications, and protect the core intellectual property of enterprises.

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            Wide Range of Hardened Protection

            Various protection techniques are mature and comprehensive, providing applications with multi-level encryption and Hardening technology in all aspects.

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            Rich Experience in Business Hardening

            WeTest has established a powerful technical service team to meet various scenario needs and customized requirements under a large customer base.

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            High Crack Difficulty

            The source code and application layer are deeply obfuscated, with high randomness, and the difficulty of analyzing core business logic has increased, making cracking more difficult.

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            Support for Multiple Languages and Platforms

            Supports C/C++/Objective-C languages, Android Studio, Android NDK, Xcode projects, and various operating systems.

          How WeTest Application Reinforcement Works

          Step 1: Appointment
          Fill Out the Form

          Enterprise fills out hardening requirements.

          Business Communication

          Confirm intentions and sign a contract.

          Step 2: Submission
          Submit Materials

          System account, stable test environment, service process, etc.

          Submit Hardening Codes

          Submit code or upload code package.

          Step 3: Execution
          Code Analysis

          Familiarize with the application, perform code analysis, and design security hardening points.

          Hardened Construction

          Execute hardening program and improve hardening type.

          Step 4: Completion
          Output Content

          Provide hardening reports and output hardening records.

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