• WeTest

    Customized Use Cases

    Experts customize test cases according to application characteristics to cover mainstream scenarios.

  • WeTest

    1000+ Real Devices

    Supporting the mainstream models on the market including the newly listed, updating the device library every month so as to cover all mobile phones.

  • WeTest

    Covering Various App Compatibility Problems

    Expert team performs compatibility tests to find various compatibility problems.

  • WeTest

    Detailed Report

    The detailed report includes test equipment screenshots, logs and performance data to facilitate users to view test results and locate problems quickly.

Helps you find mobile game compatibility issues

The mobile game market is highly competitive. Low product quality can lead to poor user experiences and increased user churn. If your mobile game isn't tested on different devices, players may encounter issues and express dissatisfaction.

We are equipped with experts to provide customized compatibility testing services based on mobile games. Users only need to provide the mobile game installation package to submit the test.The test covers mainstream scenarios, records problems and screenshots in detail, and displays logs in multiple dimensions. We also provide test report within 72 hours.


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  • WeTest

    Experienced in testing

    With more than 10 years of testing experience, our experts strictly follow WeTest standard process and accurately find compatibility problems.

  • WeTest

    Covering customer mobile devices

    According to WeTest application big data, we select the device with the highest number of users and update the device monthly. You can accesss the latest models in the market as soon as possible.

  • WeTest

    Support complex scenarios

    Support account login, mobile phone verification code and other personalized complex scenarios. Complicated operation steps can be realized.

  • WeTest

    Faster Delivery

    Real-time dynamic adjustment of resource inputs according to user needs, and delivery of reports within a short period of time.

Getting started

Contact Customer Service and Explain What You Need
Business communication

Based on your needs, we will confirm your intention to use the testing service and sign a testing agreement.

Pre-sale communication

We will formulate a customer service solution for your company.

Submit Test Materials
Need analysis and case design

WeTest can analyze your actual business and product architecture to design in-depth test cases.

You can submit your own test cases

You can use the console to submit test requirements and materials.

Testing and Report Delivery
Running test cases

We will precisely analyze compatibility issues in depth.

Writing report

We will produce a detailed test report based on the test results.

Report acceptance

We will notify you to check up the report online or offline, which completes the service.

Satisfaction evaluation

Your satisfaction is our guidance to everything we do.

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