• WeTest

    Multidimensional Metrics

    Support monitoring of system performance indicators and engine performance indicators; system performance indicators include FPS, frame time, frequency reduction, running memory, CPU usage, CPU frequency, temperature, power consumption, APP startup time, network latency; engine performance indicators include Unity Mono memory, Unity GC, Unity GC Alloc, GPU time, CPU affinity, Mali GPU Counter indicators.

  • WeTest

    Real-Time, Stability, Scalability

    Performance data will be uploaded in seconds and analyzed in minutes, support large-scale multi-dimensional data analysis, help developers identify performance problems in time.

  • WeTest

    Performance Monitoring & Optimization

    A closed loop for discovering, troubleshooting and verifying performance problems based on multi-dimensional data aggregation analysis, multi-dimensional game performance comparative, performance daily report, performance early warning and multiple drill-down analysis.

  • WeTest

    Global Deployment Solutions

    Supports multi-site global deployment to meet local policy requirements.

Applicable Scene

Performance of the live version and user retention must be monitored after the version goes live. Therefore, the quality and performance of the live version must be monitored; the impact of the problem must be evaluated and user habits analyzed.

1)Real-time monitoring of network performance data, abundant on-site scenarios, accurate search, intelligent alert grading, ensuring that irregularities that affect users are identified. 2) Support the reporting of custom indicators, meet the monitoring requirements of the project team customized indicators, compare and analyze the personalized data through various visualization tools provided. 3) Clearly display the user conversion analysis and apply the retained data of each version to help control the project operation market.


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        Getting Started

        Pre-sales requirements communication
        Time taken: One working day
        Business communication

        Confirm test intention according to customer needs and sign test agreement.

        Download SDK

        Select the SDK version that is compatible with your engine.

        Contact us

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        Requirements analysis
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        Use case design

        Under the premise of sufficient product experience, analyze the customer's actual business and product architecture to enhance the custom use case design.

        Run test
        Time taken: One working day
        Debugging scenarios

        Debug each use case and context scenario.

        Packaging SDK

        Embed gameid, gamekey.

        Time taken: One working day
        One working day

        One working day

        Customer review

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