• WeTest

    7*24 Real-time Crash Data Monitoring

    Real-time crash monitoring of the entire mobile game network Real-time alert for online issues.

  • WeTest

    Cover All Crashes

    Crash is fully captured. Supports designated threads to monitor ANR. Report error level information of the engine layer and custom error information reported.

  • WeTest

    Root Cause Analysis of Crashes

    Analyze the devices, operation systems, application versions, number of occurrences, and users affected by the crash.

  • WeTest

    CrashSight Provides Global Services

    CrashSight is deployed in multiple locations around the world.

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Applicable Scene

Difficulty in reproducing the irregularity scenarios, labor and time consuming when determining problems, inability to resolve feedback from gamers and cumbersome operations are some of the problems that must be urgently resolved.

1) Professional comprehensive alert service, crash problem root cause analysis, abundant on-site information to help you resolve problems quickly 2) Industry-leading multi-dimensional search service, specific model problems, specific user feedback, specific scenario information and multiple indicators to meet your requirements 3) Provide a complete application upgrade solution, support precise control scope of upgrade without the need to rely on the application market.