• WeTest

    Basic Performance Testing

    WeTest experts provide customized testing solutions on demand. Our testers have experience in testing various types of games, including AAA games.

  • WeTest

    In-depth Test

    Mainstream device models are covered with various test scenarios. Reports are provided by test experts.

  • WeTest

    Competitor Analysis

    We evaluate the performance of competitors using two different levels of devices, including minimum and recommended configurations or custom configurations, providing insights for optimizing your own game performance and gaining a competitive edge.

Underwhelming mobile game performance?

Poor game performance provides a bad experience for users, leading to user churn as they seek better-performing alternatives

Elevate the performance of your mobile games with our performance testing services, attracting users and establishing a remarkable brand image that sets you apart from the competition!


Difficulty in locating performance issues?

Encountering performance issues such as slow running, long response times, or lag but unable to pinpoint the specific component or feature that causes the problem will negatively impact user experience, causing frustration and dissatisfaction. Sometimes performance issues are difficult to reproduce, making problem locating and resolving more challenging.

WeTest Performance Testing provides in-depth analysis and performance evaluation on your and your competitor's products, early detection and resolution of performance issues, and conducts performance tracking and monitoring to ensure stability and greater user experience before your game version goes live.


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  • In-depth Test

    It will cover high, medium, and low tiers of device specifications. A deep dive into the performance bottlenecks.

  • Expert Customized Service Solutions

    WeTest experts provide customized testing solutions on demand. Our testers have experience testing many types of games including AAA games.

  • Covers Mainstream Devices

    Market device data for international game users is constantly updated. Select Top 1000+ devices, user coverage is 97%+.

  • Comprehensive Test Reports

    You will get a detailed performance test result, including the device on which the performance test was performed, test results for each performance metric, and related performance fix recommendations.

Getting started

Contact customer service and explain what you need
Business communication

Based on your needs, we will confirm your intention to use the testing service and sign a testing agreement.

Pre-sale communication

We will formulate a customer service solution for your company.

Submit test material
Need analysis and case design

WeTest can analyze your actual business and product architecture to design in-depth test cases.

You can submit your own test cases.

Testing and report delivery
Running test cases

We will precisely analyze compatibility issues in depth.

Writing report

We will produce a detailed test report based on the test results.

Report acceptance

We will notify you to check up the report online or offline, which completes the service.

Satisfaction evaluation

Your satisfaction is our guidance to everything we do.

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