Customer Cases

  • Language Translation Testing

    The expert translation team conducts tests in more than 32 languages to improve readability by solving problems such as grammatical and contextual errors, improper word usage, and blunt expressions, in line with local users' idiomatic habits.

  • UI Testing

    Through real-device and expert translation testing, we help you solve issues such as interface display glitches, poor visual effects, unreadability, and text truncation, reducing testing period and enhancing test quality for you.

  • Cultural Compliance Testing

    WeTest conducts comprehensive inspections based on the culture, laws and regulations of each country to avoid legal issues and effectively reduce potential pressure from public opinion and risk of being removed.

  • Audio and Video Testing

    Through dubbing accuracy and consistency testing, problems such as dubbing missing, out-of-sync between sound, subtitles, and pictures can be discovered and solved which effectively improves users' experience.

Is your language translation falling short of expectations?

Poor translation misleads users, causing misunderstandings about the functions, purposes, or operations of the product, damaging the product's reputation, and losing user trust.

WeTest ensures your products are localized globally, supporting 32+ languages across multiple regions. We provide comprehensive testing for interfaces, language, voice-overs, and more, elevating your platform's quality.


Are You Encountering Cultural Compliance Issues?

Inaccurate or problematic translation may violate laws, regulations, or standards on specific markets. This will result in penalties, restrictions from regulatory bodies, and even potential legal disputes.

We possess extensive knowledge of global cultures and semantics to ensure your product avoids sensitive issues related to religion, race, culture, politics, gender, minimizing the risk of user complaints.


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Language Support

WeTest supports 32+ languages, covering the global mainstream gaming markets.
  • Global Language Coverage

    With 32+ languages, we cover regions including Europe, America, East Asia (China, Japan, Korea), Southeast Asia, and the Middle East which are the mainstream global gaming markets, and we can expand languages based on your needs.

  • Self-developed Tools and Platform Support

    Close to the project R&D localization process to help LQA testing improve testing efficiency and shorten testing time.

  • Comprehensive Bug Subdivided Type

    We have 17 subdivided bug types covering all dimensions of localization quality testing; describe defects through text and screenshots, classify bugs, and conduct risk assessment.

  • Professional Gaming Industry Experience

    WeTest's testing team has over 10 years of experience in the game testing industry, supporting LQA for games of all categories and multiple languages for global expansion.

  • Professional Translation Team

    WeTest's localization testers are local people or people with language proficiency close to that of native speakers, which ensures the greatest extent of professionalism in localization.

  • Efficient Excute and Delivery

    Quickly set up a support team, coordinate and respond to urgent needs, divide labor in parallel between multiple teams, efficiently execute test tasks, and make transparent and controllable progress with real-time feedback.

Getting Started

Step 1: Appointment
Contact Us

Determine the intention of testing and sign a cooperation contract.

Demand scenario confirmation

Solution validation, use case production, task quantification and assignment.

Step 2: Execution
Test Execution

UI, text, and audio can be checked in an all-round way based on specific scenarios. And report bugs normly and accurately according to content problems.

Step 3: Accomplishment
Test Results Summary

Based on the use case situation and statistical problems, we make summary and produce a professional report.

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