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    Get a Full Overview of Application Vulnerabilities

    You can clearly view the quantity of vulnerabilities at each level within the application, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the risks present in the application.

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    Identification of High-risk Issues

    Prioritize the display of high-risk vulnerabilities, which are the easiest to be attacked and exploited.

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    Provide Vulnerability solutions

    Provide Vulnerability solutions by considering the code context, helping you reduce the time required for vulnerability remediation.

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    Professional Testing Report

    You will receive a detailed and professional test report that will help developers quickly identify and fix any risk issues.

It is not clear what vulnerabilities exist in the application

Authoritative data shows that over 90% of security issues are introduced in software development. Most enterprises consider security issues only when the application is about to be released or after release, leading to the discovery of security vulnerabilities after the application is launched, and also increasing the cost of vulnerability repairs.

WeTest provides a comprehensive evaluation of security issues in applications, accurately identifies the root cause of problems, provides code repair examples, helps with vulnerability repairs, and eliminates security risks before application release.


        Failure to Meet Detection Standards

        According to the requirements of Party A or the supervisory unit, an application security check and a detection report must be provided before the application is launched. Enterprises may not perform comprehensive testing within a short testing period, leaving loopholes for criminals to exploit, leading to a failure to meet detection standards, repeated testing, and a direct delay in the application development cycle and overall launch plan. Access to hundreds of Android/iOS real devices for quick and easy Live Testing.

        Provide a detailed assessment plan for application security, covering coding specifications, environment security audit testing, security vulnerability testing, etc. Quickly identify security vulnerabilities in the application, determine whether there is malicious or illegal behavior, and provide corresponding rectification suggestions and testing reports.

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                Easy and Convenient to Use

                Submit with one click to automate scanning for application vulnerabilities without complex operating procedures.

              • WeTest

                Receive Test Reports Quickly

                In 5 minutes, you will receive a professional vulnerability testing report which saves you time.

              • WeTest

                Extensive Vulnerability Database

                WeTest updates the vulnerability database frequently and regularly, reducing the risk of your application being affected by the latest vulnerabilities.

              • WeTest

                Perfect Detection Management Function

                Independent management of the detection system's whitelist library, third-party SDK library, sensitive term base and detection rules.

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