• Console Functional Testing

    WeTest console game functional testing services for the whole process from use case design to execution on multiple console platforms. Tencent’s professional game testing team provides efficient and high-quality testing.

  • Expert Designed Test cases

    Experts will conduct 1 v 1 solution design and review before implementation.

  • Full Game Scenario Covered

    Full Functional Testing, Component Testing, Payment Testing, Games Updates Testing, Game Events Testing, Game Store Testing, Network Testing, Stability Testing, etc.

  • Comprehensive Testing Report

    Reports include release notes/QA guidelines/functional specifications, provide bug modification suggestions.

Limited testing time may cause a delay in release

A major version of the game update went live, but the time set aside for testing was not very sufficient. If it is rushed to go live, it may trigger a large number of user complaints.

The WeTest team will coordinate relevant testing resources according to user requirements, complete high-quality testing in a short period of time, and provide you with detailed test reports that can quickly locate and fix problems. Ensure the speed and quality of the game version release.


The game received negative feedback after its release

After the game was launched, users found functional problems while playing, and the game team received negative feedback, which affected the game's reputation among users and resulted in a serious loss of users.

The WeTest team designs game test cases in multiple dimensions from the user's perspective and verifies the requirements design line by line to ensure the quality of the game version.


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  • Issues are Easily Tracked

    Use the bug management tool for the team to manage all bugs and realize efficient bug handling.

  • Visualization of Functional Defects

    The distribution of all defects in each module and the defect levels are displayed in a visual chart.

  • Efficient Testing

    The automated testing plugin handles complex game scenarios and incorporates manual testing assistance to ensure feature quality and save time and resources.

  • Professional Expert Team

    Experts with 10+ years of testing experience possess rich testing know-how in the game industry.

Customer Stories

  • Challenge:Lack of comprehensive quality assessment

    A large shooter game with cross-platform multiplayer functionality involving the Steam, Xbox, and PC platforms lacked a comprehensive assessment in terms of version stability and quality prior to release. As a result, there was greater pressure to test the features.

  • Solution:Multi-dimensional design of test programs

    In order to address the problem of the cross-platform multiplayer feature, we have customized and designed testing plans from multiple dimensions, including cross-platform matchmaking strategies, match combinations, reconnection mechanisms, voice communication, etc. Within limited time and resources, we have covered over 60+ battle scenarios, effectively identifying issues such as crashes and performance drops, and proactively exposing any business-related problems.


Getting Started

Requirement Confirmation
Requirement clarification list

Confirm the testing requirements.

Fill up the list

The customer needs to specify the functional scope of the test.

Workload Assessment
Send test build and test cases

Workload assessment and quotation

We will assess the amount of time required for the job and provide you with a quote.

Quotation Confirmation
Agree at the quotation

Confirm the quotation for the testing requirement.

Testing Implementation
Test case execution

The test team executes the test cases as designed.

Report Delivery
Deliver the report and related documents

Submit test reports to clients with problem lists and adjustments.

Issues are categorized and graded.

Categorize and classify the full range of issues in order of importance.

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