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    Anti-Cheat Assistant

    Actively defend against common risks such as modders, speed hackers, and virtual machines. Once cheats are detected, they will immediately be kicked out of the game, significantly reducing the impact of cheats on game operations.

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    Independent Strategy Management

    We provide a management backend that allows users to adjust the switch for common cheat defense and perform independent strategy management. Once the relevant configuration is updated, it will immediately take effect in the game.

  • WeTest

    Comprehensive Risk Control Mechanism

    With years of experience in anti-cheat, we have established a comprehensive risk control mechanism, including but not limited to a white sample library, whitelist mechanism, fuse alarm, and other risk control functions, to fully protect the safety of game operations.

  • WeTest

    Real-Time Data Monitoring

    Through our anti-cheat data operation system, we can monitor cheating and anti-cheat situations in real-time, making it easy for the game side to stay on top of game security trends.

Application Scenarios

Cheat-Related Issues
Out-of-Game Complaints

Over 80% of mobile games are suffering from serious cheat-related issues, and over 47% of players have encountered cheats. The mobile game industry suffers losses of up to 4.5 billion due to cheats every year. Cheats tamper with normal game values, steal high-value items, and damage the fairness of the game, forcing normal players to leave and damaging the brand reputation of game companies.

When there is no time to fix vulnerabilities or when vulnerabilities are difficult to fix, we provide mobile game anti-cheat tools that can detect common. Once detected, they will be immediately kicked out of the game, accurately punishing cheaters and preventing false positives. Mobile game anti-cheat provides protection against existing common cheats in the market (with a coverage rate of over 99% and support for anti-variant cheats), and we periodically update the protection.

      • When players in the real world complain about plug-ins, it indicates that game cheat is no longer an in-game issue. Brand trust will be severely damaged as public complaints escalate.

        The WeTest Anti-cheat Solution enables you to trace back cases and features reported from public opinions about plug-ins. Once a player is found to be cheating, you can block the user's account to minimize any negative influence on brand trust.

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            Rapid Integration

            With only three API calls, the basic anti-cheat integration can be completed in just 0.5 days, providing 365-day protection.

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            24/7 Monitoring

            Anti-cheat data is displayed in real-time, helping the game side to stay on top of anti-cheat trends and assisting in game security operations.

          • WeTest

            Rich Experience

            With over 10 years of experience in game security combat, we cover various cheat variants and provide secure protection technology for hundreds of games.

          • WeTest

            King-Like Quality

            Our services have been applied to hundreds of games, compatible with over 2,000 devices and emulators, covering a variety of architectures, engines, and operating modes, and protecting millions of game players.

          Getting Started

          Step 1: Appointment
          Fill in the Form

          Enterprise fills out the testing requirements for downtime.

          Business Communication

          Determine the testing intention and sign the contract.

          Step 2: Submission
          Submit Materials

          Game API package, stable testing environment, GM command, game installation package, channel information.

          Step 3: Execution
          Risk Analysis

          Get familiar with the game, conduct a risk analysis, and design anti-cheat protection points.


          Integrate anti-cheat SDK and formulate corresponding anti-cheat strategies.

          Step 4: Completion
          Output Report

          Output detailed game anti-cheat documents.

          Launch and Operate

          Launch and ensure that the anti-cheat function runs properly.

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