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    Resource Protection and Anti-Cracking

    Comprehensively protect game resources. Players will immediately exit the game if they perform any operations such as adding, deleting, or modifying game resources.

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    Game Security Hardening

    Before the game is launched, it undergoes security hardening through methods such as shell encryption, code encryption, and resource verification, effectively preventing the game from being cracked.

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    The Hardening Scheme is Self-Protective

    The source code of the hardening scheme is obfuscated, greatly increasing the threshold for reverse analysis by cheating program developers. It also strengthens the runtime status detection of security components, immediately exiting the game upon discovery of malicious programs.

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    Comprehensive Anti-Debugging Capability

    Strictly guard against dynamic debugging and cracking by tools such as IDA, and effectively raise the threshold for dynamic analysis through comprehensive anti-debugging capabilities.

Application Scenarios

Enhance Resource Protection Level
Strictly Prevent Cracked Versions of Games

The proliferation of cheat software in the market is due to the inadequate protection of resource files in the game itself, which leads to changes in the original operating logic of the game. After incidents such as loss or alteration of core code and files occur, the game is taken down, rectified, or has its lifecycle shortened, causing serious problems.

The harden solution provided by WeTest not only provides deep protection for game logic, but also strictly protects game resources. Any attempt to add, delete, or modify resource files will cause the game to immediately exit, making illegal tampering a preemptive issue and enhancing the overall protection level of resources.

      • After the game is released, the most common problem encountered is the issue of cracked versions. In the early stages, the enterprise team did not comprehensively design hardening points for the game, resulting in malicious implantation of various plug-in functions, making the game widely circulated as a cracked version in the market, it will cause irreversible harm to the game.

        Before the game goes online, we provide specialized hardening solutions for mobile game development, which are comprehensive in terms of the effectiveness, stability, compatibility, and performance impact of the solutions. This makes it difficult for attackers to exploit application vulnerabilities through reverse code analysis, significantly reducing the production of cracked versions of the game.

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            Difficult to Strip Away

            Comprehensively strengthen the runtime dependencies of security components, including native dependencies, DLL runtime dependencies, etc, significantly increasing the difficulty of stripping them away.

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            Low Performance Overhead

            The shell code is initialized at the start of the game, constructing a secure sandbox environment with low memory usage and a short decoding time for an enhanced security scheme.

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            Rich Experience

            With over 10 years of experience in game security combat, we cover various cheat variants and provide secure protection technology for hundreds of games.

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            Full Coverage of Mainstream Models

            Applied to hundreds of games, compatible with over 2,000 devices and emulators, covering various architectures, engines, and runtime modes. It minimizes interaction with the system's underlying layers, has strong error handling for security logic, and ensures compatibility with a large number of device models for anti-cheat.

          How WeTest Mobile Game Hardening Works

          Step 1: Appointment
          Fill Out the Form

          Business fills out the requirements for the downtime testing.

          Business Communication

          Determine testing intention and sign the contract.

          Step 2: Submission
          Submit the Documents/Materials

          Submit system account, stable testing environment, business processes, etc.

          Submit Hardening Codes

          Submit code or upload code package.

          Step 3: Execution
          Code Analysis

          Familiarity with the application and code analysis is used to design security hardening points.

          Hardened Construction

          Implementation of the hardening program is executed, expanding the types of hardening.

          Step 4: Completion
          Stable Output

          Detailed documentation of game hardening is produced.

          Launch and Operate

          Online deployment is ensured and the hardening function is verified to be working properly.

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