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1Discussion on Code Literacy for Software Engineers I decided to write an article to "briefly discuss" the code literacy that software engineers should possess. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Please feel free to correct any inadequacies due to my limited level.
2What Is Agile Maturity Assessment: Ultimate Guide in 2023 The agile maturity assessment is a critical tool that helps organizations assess and measure their level of agility in adopting and implementing Agile practices. This article explores the importance of Agile assessment and how to access it.
3Component Testing vs Unit Testing | Key Differences & Importance Component testing vs unit testing, what are their differences? Every stage of the Software Development Lifecycle must include testing. It assumes a central role in the CI/CD process, enabling developers to deploy trustworthy, robust, and secure software.
4What is the First Step in Information Security: 2023 Ultimate Guide What is the first step in information security? In this post, check the first action in information security and other measures for cyber information security protection.
5Black Box vs White Box Testing: How Do They Work Together to Make the Game Perfect? In this blog, we will delve into the world of black box and white box testing, focusing on their applications within the gaming industry.